Fear should leave

Holy Cow (I use this word often)……I can’t believe I’m doing this…..

Fear–It’s measurable.  It’s real.  How about fear being just an illusion?  I’m sure you are thinking that’s hogwash, you “feel” fear.  It’s a matter of perception.  A certain amount of fear is used as a natural reaction and is healthy.

But what happens when fear is bigger than just a natural indicator and bigger than common sense?  Fear can also hold us back of our true wishes, dreams and abilities we were born with but are untapped.

I do not want to get too deep with this, remember, I’m a person of simplicity.

When was the last time you declined an opportunity due to fear?  OR fearful what others may say?  Fear of being hurt, fear of failure, fear of the future and fear of death….etc. etc. which leads to another word EGO.  Ego is insecure, a false sense of identity and will control your life.
How to minimize fear?  It takes courage and determination.  Knowing your sense of self, being aware when fear is just an overreaction, talk it out, seek therapy,  your fear maybe of a meaning of learning begin journaling, switch that fear into a positive moment by visualizing a better outcome, breathe, meditate or just  let go of that EGO and release.

Life is short but also beautiful if you allow it.   I wish all to live their dreams to the fullest.  Release those fears and never having to say what the outcome would have been if I just ________ (fill in the blank).

I just released one of my biggest fears…..how about you?? Step out of your comfort zone, take risks and live.

Love, Light and Hugs,